A Christmas Poem by Amy Walters (2016)

A Christmas Poem by Amy Walters (2016)

Today we celebrate our Savior’s birth,
We contemplate how God came to earth.
We know of the joy that surrounded that day
But remember the reason he came.

For centuries, the prophecies foretold
The Messiah must walk a painful road.
Our minds often go to his death, but then,
When did His suffering begin?

Did it wait for the thorns to tangle a crown?
Did it start with the nails that pierced his hands down?
Did it come when the Father turned away His face
As His Son took our sin and disgrace?

Was it there in the garden of Gethsemane
As those who had called themselves friends instead flee?
Did it come with the kiss from the one who’d betray,
As he sweat drops of blood on that day?

No doubt pain was there in the angry mob
As the whips tore His flesh and made his back throb.
When the people who just the week before cheered,
Now had all gathered to jeer.

But his suffering had started long before
As God lived in flesh and humanity bore.
He learned obedience in suffering,
Jesus, our compassionate King.

Did his feet grow sore as he walked place to place?
He must have felt cold as storm rain lashed his face.
His hunger was strong as he fasted and prayed
And lived in the world He had made.

He wept at the loss of Lazarus, his friend
And saw many friendships come to an end.
Tiredness and hunger were no doubt there
As crowds followed him everywhere.

Did he get blisters while doing his carpentry?
As a boy, did he fall and scrape his knee?
Was he shamed for his out-of-wedlock birth,
As he grew on this fallen earth?

When laid down to sleep, was he scratched by the hay?
Did the noise of the animals keep him awake?
Did he miss the presence of His Father above,
And long for the warmth of His love?

On that sweet morning, when Jesus was born,
When deity arrived in humankind’s form,
He took on the hurts that live on this earth,
From the very day of his birth.

So come bring your comfort to Jesus today
Come with gratitude for the child in the hay
Come and adore the newborn king
Come join with the angels to sing.

Come celebrate that God is near
Fill your heart with warmth and cheer
Come honor the one who suffered for you
And thank Him for all He went through.


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