Why I Believe that Christians are Not Bound by the Ten Commandments

I wrote this back in April 2013 in response to arguments that Christians are obligated to obey the Ten Commandments. The issue continues to come up from time to time, so I thought I’d repost it.

By the way...

Ten CommandmentsI frequently hear Christians make comments about, or refer to, the Ten Commandments as still being applicable to our lives today. It usually comes in one of two lines of thought. One says that we are obliged to obey all of the Ten Commandments except for the Sabbath Day commandment. The other says that we are obliged to obey all of them, including the Sabbath Day commandment. I don’t believe we are under obligation to any of them. This post is a brief explanation.

Three Important Principles

There are three things, in my opinion, that need to be understood when dealing with this issue.

First is that the Mosaic covenant—the Mosaic Law—must be taken as a unit and cannot be divided up into parts. I know that many have divided the Law into several categories for the sake of studying it—moral laws, ceremonial laws, dietary laws, etc.—and that’s helpful for…

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