We Start the “Bible in 90 Days” in 2 days

It all starts this Monday. Are you ready? Are you excited? I am; I hope you are, too.

BibleTreesDebi posted in the Facebook group about keeping in mind the Why of your participation in the Bible in 90 Days event. Reading the Bible in 90 days can be a challenge, especially for those who don’t read a lot or who don’t read fast (like me), so remembering why you’re doing it can be a great help in getting through it.

For me, I’m doing it again for some of the same reasons I did it in 2014.

  • For a few years now, I’ve tried to find ways to challenge myself in some area of discipline. I went a whole year without coffee once (that was really hard). I went a couple of months without chocolate (also not so easy). Debi and I are attempting to go 2016 without eating pizza (unless we’re offered it in a fellowship situation).* Reading the Bible in 90 days is a challenge that takes discipline to keep at it, and I want to challenge myself with that.
  • I enjoy studying the Word of God in its details. I love doing a passage-by-passage study with my friend each week. I love doing word studies. If I allow myself, I can easily spend long periods of time on a word or phrase with cross references, quotes, and allusions. But it’s easy to get lost in the trees, as the saying goes. Reading the Bible in 90 days forces me to regain the big-picture, high-level overview of the one story of God in Scripture.
  • I love doing things with my wife. I like that it adds to the camaraderie that we already experience as a married couple. She’s the best partner there is for something like this; I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

So, those are some of my reasons for participating. What are yours?

If you’re not clear on what this is all about, you can read this brief blog series about it. If you’d like to join us, you can do so easily by joining the Facebook group or, if you’re not on Facebook, by asking to be added to the email list (you can leave me a comment here or get in touch with me in any other way). I sincerely hope you will—it can change your life.


* Do you notice the theme of food in my list of disciplinary exercises above? Food has always been a struggle for me, so while not all of my discipline challenges are related to eating, many of them are. It’s not just that I’m hungry while writing this.


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