How Does a Slow Reader Accomplish Reading the Bible in Just 90 Days? — Repost

I originally posted this on January 25, 2014 in preparation for my first ever Bible in 90 Days. As with the previous reposts this month, I’m hoping that this will help convince someone that they can read through the Bible in 90 days and that there are several worthwhile benefits of doing so. I also reposted and updated a few tips that I hope will help someone get through it successfully.

In this repost (edited for 2016), I want to give the play by play of how I read through the Bible in 90 days back in 2014 and how I hope to accomplish it again this year. I’m a slow reader, so this is a particularly difficult endeavor. My wife reads a million words per minute (that’s a rough estimate), so while it’s still a challenge, it’s really not too difficult for her. I read only slightly faster than a normal conversational pace, which is pretty slow for reading.

As many of you know, there’s a group of us who intend to read through the entire Bible in 90 days starting February 1st. You can read more about it here, including how you can join us.

Last time, I decided that the best reading plan for me was to just start at “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” and read like crazy. This time I’ll be reading straight through books, but I’ll be changing the book order a little bit. I’ll be using the book order that is in The Books of the Bible which I think is an interesting arrangement (click the link to see it on Amazon and see the order of the books there). I will be using my ESV Reader’s Bible on Kindle for the actual reading, but I’ll be reading the books in the order of The Books of the Bible.

For me, using one of the schedules that has dates for each reading will probably be a drag if I find myself getting behind. Also, I don’t want to give myself permission to stop reading if I finish that day’s scheduled chapters, if there’s still time left to read. I know that there will be days when life will get in the way and I won’t read as much as other days, so my plan is to just read and read and read!

There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible. That means reading an average of 13-14 chapters each day to get through it all in 90 days (1,189 ÷ 90 = 13.2). Of course the chapters are not all the same length—Psalm 117 has only 2 verses, and Psalm 119 has 176 verses. Also, the verses are not all the same length. John 11:35 says, “Jesus wept.” Esther 8:9 says:

The king’s scribes were summoned at that time, in the third month, which is the month of Sivan, on the twenty-third day. And an edict was written, according to all that Mordecai commanded concerning the Jews, to the satraps and the governors and the officials of the provinces from India to Ethiopia, 127 provinces, to each province in its own script and to each people in its own language, and also to the Jews in their script and their language.

The official Bible in 90 Days NIV Bible has a straight-through reading of 12 pages per day. So, basically, wherever you are after 12 pages, you’re finished for that day (of course it stops short or long so as not to stop in the middle of a sentence). This eliminates counting chapters or verses which vary so widely in length.

So, how do I intend to plan my days from February 1 through April 30 this year?

My usual reading schedule is:
– I read 2-3 chapters from the Bible to start off my morning—based on whatever plan I’m using at the time (this is followed by my prayer and Bible study time).
– I read from Proverbs and Psalms around 10:30 each morning (that’s my work‘s unofficial coffee break time) or around 12:15 during lunch.
– I read books and articles each evening for an hour or two before going to bed.

Starting Feb 1, this is what I plan to do, all from the Bible:
– Read 2-4 chapters from the Bible to start off my morning (followed by prayer and study time).
– Read a few chapters in the place of Proverbs and Psalms at the unofficial coffee and lunch breaks at work.
– Read as much as possible in the evenings.
– Read whenever I find myself waiting in a drive through or any other time I can.

I do have a couple of things I am obligated to read and I can’t neglect those, but for the most part I’ll be reading the Bible.

Though I’m not willing to guarantee I’ll be able to finish in 90 days, I’m excited to try this again. I also have a high level of confidence that I will complete it in time because I’ve done it once before. But, if April 30 comes and I’m not done, I’ll keep up the same schedule until I am done. The rewards will be the same whether it’s 90 days or 100 days or 110 days. The worst possible thing for me to do is to give us before I’m finished!

I know for a fact that if I, as a slow reader, can read through the Bible in 90 days, so can you. If you’d like to join us, you are more than welcome. I hope you will.


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