Some Tips to Reading the Bible in 90 Days — Repost

Here is a repost of the tips given in 2014 for reading the Bible in 90 days. I’ve done a little bit of updating for this year.

I posted an invitation earlier about our Bible in 90 Days challenge. In this post, I want to share some tips that I got blatantly stole from Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan. The plan is not a 90-day plan, but it is a 10-chapter per day plan, so it’s reading at a fast pace.

Here are the tips from Professor Horner that I edited and added to a bit. I hope you find them useful.

Read quickly (without “speed-reading”) in order to get the overall sense. Read as fast as you comfortably can with moderate retention. You’re not studying deeply or memorizing.

GET THROUGH THE TEXT – no dawdling, back reading, looking up cross-references!

There are different ‘kinds’ of reading:

  1. Super-quick skimming
  2. Careful moderate-paced reading
  3. Studying the text
  4. Language and word study

You should be between the 1st and 2nd kind. Most people decrease their time spent and increase their retention after just two-three weeks of this kind of reading.

Don’t look up anything you ‘don’t get’ — real understanding will come through reading a LOT of scripture over time. Avoid study notes and cross references. Get through the text!

Regarding Study Bibles, if you find that you’re the kind of reader that can’t help but to glance down at the study notes of your favorite Study Bible, I would suggest using a Bible without additional notes and cross references. If you read every note in your Study Bible, it will be much more difficult to get through the Bible in 90 days.

If you miss a day or two — OK, get over it, then keep going. Don’t cover yourself in sackcloth and ashes and quit!

Good tips? They helped me in my reading last time. I hope they’ll be helpful to you as well.

By the way… If you haven’t yet decided to join us, we’re starting soon. See my previous post for information on what we’re doing and how you can join us. This challenge is not an impossible one. I truly hope you’ll see that and join us.

Soli Deo Gloria


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