Using a Study Guide for Bible Study

I feel strongly that the primary discipline that a Christian must establish in his or her life is a systematic study of Scripture. There is no way to live a life pleasing to God without knowing his Word. Debi Martin recently wrote a short piece on how study guides, if chosen carefully, can be a great help in your study of Scripture.

Sojourner Between Worlds

As you likely know from previous posts, I think it’s important for Christians to know how to study the Bible for themselves. I did a series on how to study the Bible using the inductive study method. You can find those posts here.

Confession time: while I like knowing how to study the Bible, I find that it’s hard for me to sit down and work through it on my own. I find that using a study guide helps me to stay on task and have a structure to the Bible study. I don’t want to rely on others for understanding what the Bible says, but it does help me to process better by using a study guide. However, there is so much fluff and unbiblical stuff out there that I would be very cautious about what guides to actually use. While I have found in the past that…

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