God is Working in Ukraine — We Have Proof!

image by Trey Ratcliff

image by Trey Ratcliff

My friend, Chris, and I have been studying Acts since February 2014, and one thing we’ve been impressed with is the lengths God will go to work in the hearts of people and people groups. You can’t read Acts without seeing it. God is about the business of saving sinners and he invites his children to take part!

The Media team at SEND International has just recently returned from a trip to Ukraine and they have picture and video proof that what God started in Acts he’s still doing today. And what’s more is that he’s still inviting and using his children to take part in that work!

As you know, Ukraine has been going through some rough times lately, but that hasn’t stopped his church from working toward the end goal of taking the Gospel to the world. In fact, the church in Ukraine, while continuing to reach out to their own countrymen, are sending out Ukrainian missionaries to other parts of the world.

Please take a moment to read the latest article on The Mission Blog to get a sneak preview of what the team witnessed in Ukraine.

You can also be a part of what God is doing. If you’re a Christian then not only is God inviting you to take part, he’s commanding you to do so. Do you doubt that? Here’s some Scriptural evidence:

But, honestly, who needs the command when the privilege and honor of the invitation is so high? Who wouldn’t want to be involved in God’s work? Is there a true Christian who would think otherwise?


6 thoughts on “God is Working in Ukraine — We Have Proof!

  1. I’m not a Christian but definitely agree with this post, God is wonderful and works in mysterious ways to enlighten us and lead us on to the path that will lead us to him


    • Thanks for the comment, chocolate231. I completely agree that God is wonderful and works in amazing ways.

      You mentioned that you believe God leads us on the path that will lead us to him. I believe that path is available to everyone who will follow it, and that he presented it to us in clear terms in the Bible. Jesus said that he’s the only path to the Father, and that anyone who gives their life over to him as their master and lord will be set on that path. I hope you’ll come to him in that way; I don’t believe there is another.

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      • I completely agree with you, it’s all about trusting God. As long as you surrender your life and all your actions to him, you’re doing the right thing and on the road that will eventually lead us to God. But I feel that in this day and age there are so many sinners and people who just do wrong things and don’t have firm faith in God. For people like those, I feel God presents opportunities and puts them through situations to help them get on the right path.


    • You’re right, spartacus2030, that is a good question. I believe the answer is Yes, though the definition of what a true Christian is can, and has been, easily miscommunicated.

      Being a Bible-believing trinitarian, I believe that Jesus is God, that he came to the earth as a man, and that he paid the penalty that we all deserve, the penalty of death for our crimes against God. Anyone who follows him, as a disciple follows a master, receives forgiveness and becomes a true Christian.


      • A pleasure to met someone with true moral value! If you follow Christ’s instructions for you, it certainly won’t be a dull life! I think, regaurdless of affiliation, we are all family… Welcome!


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