The Suffering of Japan—It was Four Years Ago Today…for us

JapanDisasterFour years ago today Japan was hit with one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded. That was immediately followed by a tsunami. All of this also caused a meltdown at a nuclear power plant.

The results were the deaths of almost 16,000 people and close to 2600 still missing. Almost 230,000 people are still living in temporary shelters, tents, and makeshift buildings because of this triple disaster.

These numbers are staggering!

JapanThis was four years ago for those of us who are living in the comfort of our homes here in the West. For the people in that area of Japan, it’s today. It’s “now” and “still” for so many.

Will you pray for the people of Japan today? And, if you will, please continue to pray for the Japanese people on a regular basis. Add These items to your daily reading list. Also, there are many missionaries there who are trying to assist with disaster relief and who are sharing the saving message of the Gospel. Will you pray for them as well?

God loves the people of Japan and he hears the prayers of his children.


2 thoughts on “The Suffering of Japan—It was Four Years Ago Today…for us

    • Hi hannahmaethompson – You make a great point about numbers. Those number represent individual people. Huge numbers like these make it so easy to just see as numbers. Thanks for praying!

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