By the way… What Part of the Worship Service is Not Worship?

Photo: Ricardo Camacho

Photo: Ricardo Camacho

One of the 15 Worship Decisions We’ll Regret, according to this article, is…

“Making worship and music exclusively synonymous.”

What that means is that many people refer to the musical portion of a worship service “worship” to the exclusion of the other parts of the service. How many times have you heard someone say in a worship service something like, “We have some announcements to make and then we’ll get back to worship.” By worship they mean music, of course.

I really wish leaders would stop doing this. Which part of a worship service would you be willing to say is NOT worship? Anything that is not worship should not be included in the worship service. That includes the sermon, the giving of offerings, prayer, testimonies, and even announcements. All of these elements, along with music, are to be done in a worshipful manner and are a part of worship.

If you asked the leader that uses “worship” to mean “music” if they think that other parts of the service are not worship, they will probably say they don’t think that. If pressed they may even agree that all parts of the worship service are worship. So why use “worship” in a way that is misleading and that takes away from the rich meaning of the term?

But, really, it shouldn’t even stop with the worship service. I heard someone say that for a Christian, worship is coextensive with life. Nothing in our lives should be done in a manner that is not done to the glory of God. Whatever we do should be done with worshipful hearts: our work, doing the dishes, playing sports, and, of course, singing.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31


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