By the way… How Dedicated Are You to Your Beliefs?

question“If you’re wrong about any particular belief, would you want to know?”

This is a serious question that we should all ponder concerning the various beliefs within our worldviews, or even concerning our worldviews themselves.

The bottom line of this is another question:

Are you more dedicated to your belief or to the truth?

How difficult would it be to let go of a particular belief if you were presented with compelling evidence that it was wrong?

May I suggest that, while it’s easy to change some beliefs, it’s always difficult to give up those closely-held beliefs. But I think we should seek to constantly grow in our knowledge and understanding of what’s true. I’ve had to give up beliefs from time to time, replacing them with what I found to have better evidence or more compelling reasons to believe. Sometimes I’ve had to give up beliefs that were precious to me and it took time and effort to do so. But the alternative is to maintain a belief in something that I no longer had good reason to believe.

It’s one thing to unknowingly believe something that’s not true; we all do that. It’s something else entirely to knowingly cling to a lie.

At times it can be painful, and sometimes costly, to change a belief we hold dear, but I think it would ultimately be more costly to maintain what we know to be a lie, or to strive to avoid and deny evidence that it is a lie.

Have you ever had to give up on a particular belief or set of beliefs after being presented with good reasons to believe otherwise?


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