Changing “Jesus Calling” — Damage Control for a False Christ

Sarah Young’s devotional “Jesus Calling” is wildly popular and it’s now in its 10th year. In fact, Thomas Nelson Publishers has just published the 10th Anniversary Edition. But is it the same book as the 1st 2004 edition (there were two editions in 2004)?

As it turns out, there are many differences in this new version of the book. At first thought that’s not a big deal, right? After all, most books that publish new editions have added material, updates, etc. But with Jesus Calling, the changes are much more alarming, and when you think about the possible reasons for those changes, they are frightening.

Warren B. Smith, the former New Age practitioner and author of the book “Another Jesus Calling,” has outlined and detailed many of these changes in a 16-page tract published last month. In it he points out these changes and the following 5 problems with the devotional:

  1. Jesus Calling was inspired by a channeled New Age book.
  2. Sarah Young originally wrote that she “received messages” from “Jesus” Himself.
  3. Sarah Young’s “Jesus” contradicts the Bible’s true Jesus Christ.
  4. Sarah Young’s “Jesus” stated that Abraham was guilty of “idolatry” and “son-worship.”
  5. “Jesus” complains about the night of his birth.

The popularity of Sarah Young’s book and the lack of spiritual discernment among most Christians today has caused many to be deceived by the devotional’s New Age teachings. I encourage you to carefully investigate these claims for yourself. I also ask that you read Warren Smith’s tract which you can find here in its entirety.

Lastly, please pray for discernment concerning “Jesus Calling” and the New Age concepts behind it as we focus on the birth of the real Jesus this season.


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