Jesus Entered the Mess — A Poem

Are you finding that it’s sometimes difficult to deal with the messiness of life? Doesn’t it seem like that messiness comes out in full force during this time of year? Have you ever wondered about the mess—relational mess, political mess, physical mess—that Jesus entered when he came into the world? Are you rejoicing in the fact that he did? I hope you are.

Jesus entered our mess intentionally, and he did so to reveal the truth of God (himself), our world, and all of history and existence. He entered our mess especially for the purpose of taking your cross and my cross on himself. Moral crimes require punishment and we are all guilty. Jesus paid that punishment for everyone who will give their lives over to him. It was for this purpose he entered this mess. That’s his Christmas gift to you if you’ll have it.

It is my prayer that you will accept that gift, turning your life over to him completely.

Here’s a poem written by my friend and fellow SEND International servant, Amy Walters; it’s about that mess and the Savior that intentionally entered it.

I hope you’ll click here to read Amy’s poem and to allow it to encourage you as you deal with the mess this Christmas.

Jesus Entered the Mess

Jesus Entered the Mess — a Poem by Amy Walters



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