Great! Another Fred Phelps! — Father Help Us!

It seems there’s another pastor claiming that all gay people should be killed, and that God wants it that way. Here’s the article that came out yesterday. Please take a moment to read this short article. I’ll wait…

Apparently this “pastor” is claiming Leviticus 20:13 as his proof text that we should be killing all gays. I just have a few quick notes about this.

If he’s basing his “policy” of killing gays on the Mosaic Law, he has nothing to stand on. James tells us that if you are trying to keep the law and you violate any part of it (ever told a lie?), then you are guilty of the whole law.

Also, the Mosaic Law is NOT binding on us. That’s like saying that we are obligated to obey the Code of Hammurabi. Law #127 from that law code says that if anyone if found guilty of slander, his brow should be marked by cutting the skin.

Should we be bound by this law? No, because it’s not a law code that we are under. Neither is the Mosaic Law.

I believe there should be laws against slander (and all civilized nations have such laws), but we can’t claim that the punishment has to be cutting the brow of the guilty party just because the Code of Hammurabi says so.

In the same way, we are not under the Mosaic Law Code. We no longer sacrifice or wear certain clothing or kill kids who are disobedient to their parents. And we no longer kill people for being gay.

I am against legal policies that are based solely on homosexuality, but we need to treat gay people like any other non-believer: they need Christ and we can share that with them.


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