Is Deception Deceptive Enough to Deceive You? — A Plea to Sarah Young Fans

I want to start off by asking pleading with fans of Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling to hear me out. Please read this all the way through. It’s short, I promise. Afterward, I invite any comments, arguments, or insults* you wish to throw my way.

Below I’ve linked to yet another article documenting the dangers of Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling. With all of the clear red flags surrounding this book and its many changes, the only reasons I can imagine that people continue to praise it is that they are either unaware of the problems or they are choosing to remain blind to them, instead choosing to cling to how the book makes them feel.

Sarah Young is deceived at the very least. With the changes made in her book from its original publication, it seems more likely that she’s being deliberately deceptive with the goal of selling more books.

Whether she’s just deceived and her publisher is making all of the changes, or she’s a truly evil person, it’s clear that Jesus Calling is much worse that just a fluffy book with Scripture taken out of context; it’s a dangerous one that encourages New Age practices, and one that needs to be exposed for what it is.

Don’t abandon truth for the sake of feelings. If you are a fan of this book, I encourage you to consider what has been brought to light about Sarah Young and Jesus Calling. I plead with you to pray about this matter and to exercise discernment. If you can find one, read the introduction of a first edition of this book and consider what you’re reading.

Finally, please read this article. Then if you decide, despite all of the evidence, that Jesus Calling is a God-honoring book written by a good godly woman, please give me your reasoning. I promise you that I will consider what you say with all fairness and love, and I will respond with the same.

* I invite disagreements and civil insults, but as always, comments with any profanity will be deleted.


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