“Another Jesus” Calling — A Book Review

Well, I’ve never actually written a book review, but this book is one I want to tell you about. It’s Warren B. Smith’s “Another Jesus” Calling — How False Christs Are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer.

In 2004, Sarah Young wrote a book titled, Jesus Calling. It’s a book that was inspired by the New Age book God Calling, written in the 1930s by two anonymous women who called themselves the Two Listeners. The identity of the authors of these books is further complicated in that, in both books, the Two Listeners and Sarah Young claim that the messages in their books came from Jesus Christ. They would sit quietly, pencils and pen in hand, and listen for what Jesus would say to them. Then they would write down what they heard.

“Another Jesus” Calling was written by Warren B. Smith to warn readers about Sarah Young’s book and its “Jesus.” Smith’s book is a must read for any Christian concerned about the dangers of New Age philosophy finding its way into the Western church today, and for any Christian who is serious about biblical discernment.

Here’s a link to the book page on Amazon.

Update Aug 24, 2014: Here is an excellent review of the book by a real book reviewer, on Sojourner Between Worlds.


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