The Personal Covenant of Vincent J. Joy

Vincent James Joy founded Central Alaskan Missions (CAM) in 1936, which is now SEND North, part of SEND International. He wrote and signed this covenant on January 1, 1930.

My personal covenant with my Savior and King

Lord, I give up my own purposes and plans, all my own desires, hopes and ambitions, and accept Thy will for my life. I give myself, my life, my all utterly to Thee to be Thine forever.

I hand over to Thee all my friendships; all the people whom I love are to take second place in my heart. Fill me and seal me with Thy Holy Spirit. Work out Thine own Will in my life, at any cost, now and forever. I’ll Follow on, my King! I’ll follow Thee, come what may, until my life’s work on earth is done, then…. eternity with Thee! Amen.

Vincent J. Joy

1 Thes. 5:23, 24
Phil. 1:21

January 1st, 1930

“Ad maiorem Dei gloriam”


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