By the way… Are You A Missionary?

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are called to be a missionary. We are all commanded to go to the lost world and tell them about Jesus.

Justin Long wrote a blog post a few days ago that points out that we are all called to be missionaries. We are not all called to go to foreign lands, but — dare I say it — many more are called than are going, and that may include you. The danger, according to Justin Long, is that we tend to see the “missionary box” as very small.

We go from
“There are only a few missionaries”
“Only a few people can be missionaries”
“I am not one of the few.”

I think that only certain people are missionaries not because many can’t be missionaries – but because most choose not to be.

I’ve written on this recently, and I will continue to do so. We must understand that we are all his ambassadors according to 2Cor 5:20. Please note that it doesn’t say that we all should be ambassadors, or that we all are called to be ambassadors; it says we are ambassadors. You are a good ambassador or you are a bad ambassador, but you are an ambassador nonetheless.


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