The Hard Work of Seeking Knowledge Pays Off!

Just a gentle reminder:

The Bible is our primary resource for an understanding of God and godliness. We need to constantly be seeking knowledge of the Truth by studying God’s Word. Books written by godly people are helpful, but they must always be compared with an accurate understanding of Scripture. There are a lot of really good books out there that are valuable to us for growth, but there are a lot of bad ones out there also.

Remember the Bereans in Acts 17? Paul and Silas went to Berea to preach. The Bereans didn’t take Paul’s word for anything. They eagerly received the message, but examined the Scriptures carefully every day to see if what they were being taught were so.

It takes time and effort to compare things and study to get an accurate understanding, but that’s part of our mandate from God. We are to “make every effort” (2Tim 2:15 NET) in studying God’s word so that we will not be ashamed, but be able to rightly handle the Word of Truth.

Acts 17:11 says that the Bereans “examined the Scriptures carefully every day.” Paul told Timothy in 2Tim 2:15 to “make every effort.” It’s often hard work studying the Scriptures properly, but (1) we are mandated by God to do it and (2) the rewards are great. Falsehood is so much easier to spot when you have a solid grasp of the Truth. You are not caught off guard when a sceptic (or even another believer) hits you with a difficult question or challenge. You are much better able to make an impact for Christ.

I hope, if you’re not already, you’ll get into a daily routine of reading God’s Word, and also studying God’s Word—these are two separate things. Then get together with other Christians on a regular basis to discuss what you’ve been studying and to encourage one another in this difficult, but wonderful, endeavor.

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