Closing the Deal: An Unbiblical Component of Modern Evangelism

The idea of “closing the deal” when speaking to people about Christ is a very unfortunate tradition that has been practiced far too long.  Tony Miano is often asked the question about how to “close the deal.”

The question itself is a tragic and unbiblical byproduct of one of American Evangelicalism’s most cherished traditions—the “sinner’s prayer.” And let’s be honest. That’s all the sinner’s prayer is: a tradition—a tradition created by sincere Christians who want lost people to come to genuine faith in Jesus Christ.

Again, let’s be honest. There is not a single verse or passage of Scripture, whether as expressed in a command from Christ or one of the New Testament writers, or as expressed by example in one of the many New Testament narrative passages, that gives any credence to the belief that the “sinner’s prayer” is biblical. It is simply not in the Bible. Period.

So, what is a Christian supposed to do when he sees that the conversation is coming to an end, either with the listener showing interest in Christianity or the listener showing signs of doubt or disbelief?  If you’re not going to ask someone to pray the sinner’s prayer, what are you supposed to do?

The answer is simple in its concept: Share the Gospel and trust God to do the saving.  Never has a sinner’s prayer saved a person and you cannot save a person by having them pray the sinner’s prayer or by any other means.  You are not responsible—or able—to save anyone; that’s what God does.

Read this article for more details about how Tony handles his conversations with people as the conversation is reaching an end.


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