Daddies aren’t Mommies aren’t Daddies

There has been a lot of really bad information flooding the social media sites lately about how daddies can make good mommies and how mommies can make good daddies—that only one is needed, a mommy or a daddy, but not both.  But this flies in the face of decades of social science studies.  It seems as strange to have to post information like “kids do best with a married daddy and mommy” as it does to post that too much fatty food will lead to obesity and heart problems.  And, by the way, triangles have three sides.

Same sex parents, by definition, will deprive a child of a father or a mother.

“Fathers tend to encourage children to take chances and push limits, and mothers tend to be protective and more cautious, and each approach is essential for a child’s healthy development.  When either parenting style is extreme it can have an unhealthy effect on children, but together the different approaches of a mother and father are balanced to nurture the child, expand his experiences and give him confidence.”

“Studies have shown that the presence of a father strongly correlates to children avoiding incarceration.  The absence of the father as an authority figure can contribute to a child’s disregard for laws and rules.  A survey of youth in custody concluded that ‘70% of juveniles in state reform institutions grew up in single or no-parent situations.’”

“Anthropology tells us no human society, ancient or modern, primitive or civilized, has ever sustained itself with a buffet-like family model of ‘just pick what suits you.’  We cannot escape that male and female matter.  Our humanity is diminished by those who say that we are only generic persons randomly equipped with either sperm or eggs. Deconstruction of the biological family structure will not be without profound and painful consequences.”

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