Are All Church-goers Christians?

I am becoming more and more convinced that just because someone said a prayer sometime in the past, just because someone grew up in a Christian home and in the church, just because someone has claimed Christ as theirs since they were a child, this doesn’t make them a Christian anymore than the Richard Dawkins’, the Freidrich Nietzsche’s, or the John Lennon’s of the world.

Saying a prayer asking Christ into your life does not, in itself, save you, nor does having some religious experience sometime in the past.  Those who are truly regenerated followers of Christ are those who are regenerated and follow Christ.  There are so many people in our churches, particularly in America, that are trusting in such a prayer or experience in their past to get them into God’s kingdom and their hope is false.

The Puritan Matthew Mead said that when people have no sense of their spiritual condition, it is plain that they are dead in sin.  My heart breaks for these people, and is angry at the movement that propagates this type of cheap evangelism.

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