The ‘Calling’ of God

This is a recent blog post by a friend of mine who serves with me in missions.  Along with Cindy Ely (quoted in the blog post), it also bothers me when I hear people talking about being “called” by God to missions, the ministry, or to any other career field, relationship, or life choice.  There is no backing for this at all in the Bible.  Nor is there any backing for making choices or decisions in life by using random Bible verses, dreams/visions, open/closed doors, fleeces, or casting lots.

In fact, I believe that the Bible teaches that we are free to do anything that we want, as long as neither the Bible nor wisdom dictate otherwise, with the full blessing of God.  (Here’s a great summary of that by Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason.)

As is quoted in my friend’s blog post, the only “calling” we need to obey the Great Commission is the Great Commission.  It was given to you, if you are a follower of Christ, as it was given to me.  Wherever that is in this temporary home of ours, all we need do is obey it.

The ‘Calling’ of God

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