Why Do Fetal Reductions Bother Pro-Choicers?

This is a followup article from yesterday’s post.  It’ll be interesting to see what Fetal Reduction does to the pro-choice camp.  Will there be a reduction within their ranks?

One quote that I must point out here is from William Saletan.  He says that “the main problem with [fetal] reduction is that it breaches a wall at the center of pro-choice psychology. It exposes the equality between the offspring we raise and the offspring we abort.”

I also think that the point made by William Saletan and Amy Hall about the use of language is important to note.  One of the things that Martin Luther wanted to do was to get the Bible translated into the language of the German people.  The Roman Catholic Church at that time insisted that the Bible remain in Latin and that only the clergy should be able to study it; they would then tell the people what it said.  You can easily see how this led to the abuses that it did.

There’s only one reason someone would want to use terms that are in a language that is not well known, terms that are ambiguous, or terms that lack definite meaning, and that is to hide the truth of what’s really being said.  The word fetus is a Latin word that means “baby” or “offspring” in English.  But you can see how using the word “baby” would reveal the truth of what it is, and pro-choicers don’t want to do that.

Here’s the article.

Why Do Fetal Reductions Bother Pro-Choicers?

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