SEND in Japan – History

SEND International has been ministering in Japan since World War II, engaging the unreached and establishing reproducing Japanese churches.

About Japanese History

The Land of the Rising Sun is historically symbolized by its flag. Legend begins Japan with Emperor Jimmu in 600 BC and the emperor line continues into the present. Feudal lords controlled Japan from the 12th century till the late 19th century. Traditionally suspicious of foreigners, Japan remained closed to nearly all foreign trade until 1853, when Matthew Perry of the U.S. Navy sailed into the harbor of Edo (now Tokyo) to demand a treaty. 

Japan became a regional power through military victory against China in 1895 and Russia in 1905. Following WWI the country began to prosper and exercise influence in Asia. Invasion of Manchuria and the subsequent air attack on Pearl Harbor in 1943 launched Japan into WWII. After the collapse of the empire in 1945, occupation forces led Japan until 1952, when the country declared itself a democracy. 

Japan’s postwar economic development brought rapid change and modernization. Though currently experiencing recession, Japan still remains one of the most powerful economic nations of Asia. 

The current emperor, Akihito, took the throne in 1989, but Japan is politically controlled by a Prime Minister and a parliamentary system. 

SEND International missionaries began ministry in Japan after World War II when GI’s who had been part of the occupation forces returned with a passion to see Japanese reached with the gospel.


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