SEND in Japan – Culture

SEND International has been ministering in Japan since World War II, engaging the unreached and establishing reproducing Japanese churches.

About Japanese Culture

Japanese society is group oriented. Loyalty to the group — business, club, team — and to superiors is essential and takes precedence over personal feelings. In business dealings, loyalty, devotion and cooperation are valued over aggressiveness. 

The Japanese feel an obligation to return favors and gifts. They honor age and tradition. It is undesirable to be shamed in public, and patience is respected as a quality to endure hardship. Japanese are very polite and sometimes appear vague because it is impolite to answer a direct “no” to a question or request. The Japanese may consider a westerner’s inability to interpret feelings as insensitivity. 

Even as many traditions remain strong, Japan’s younger generation is changing social views toward family, politics, and male and female roles. Materialism, economic instability, less respect for elders and lower moral standards are damaging the social cohesion.


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