Hello, This is Jeremy Millet. I was just wondering why god would make details in the universe that we will probably never notice? Just something to get out there. Thanks.

Hi Jeremy,

I have wondered that myself at times.  The only conclusion I’ve discovered is that God wants us to know that he is bigger and more awesome that than we can ever possibly imagine or know.  God lets us know some things to show us what he can do and how cool he is.  He also lets us know that he is so much bigger than even those things that he lets us learn about.  We know that there are things about the universe that we can’t see or understand.  God tells us that he created even those things that are beyond our comprehension.  How cool is that?!

The fact that we know that there are things that we can’t understand leads us to stand in awe of him and to worship him even more.

God completely rocks!


P.S. Does that help with your question?  Feel free to ask anything at any time.

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