When Should I Give Up Out of Disgust?

That’s the question I’ve been facing for quite a while now concerning this American experiment. I truly believe that we’ve long been out of politicians who care anything about the American people. I think there are none left. The only thing politicians want is to get into office and stay there. They will say anything at all that they think will get them more votes. Notice that saying things that are actually true or sharing what they actually think about things is not required. All they will say is what they think will get them voted into office.

It was only within the last decade that I’ve felt this way. I used to think that if more people actually get more involved and demanded consequences for lying politicians, then there was hope. Take a look at this quote from the Frankenstein Government blog.

If you are a citizen of this country, you have a responsibility. You have a responsibility to become informed and educated about your government and it’s leadership. In fact it should be a moral and civic duty. If you fail to take an active interest in government, you do U.S. citizens a disservice. Your apathy sucks. It is contagious and it is killing our country. [sic]

I no longer feel this way. I believe that the American experiment is fast failing and we will collapse in on our corruption and moral depravity. I believe that the fall is too fast now and there will be no recovery. What happens after that, I have no idea. It hurts me that the country that I loved so much is falling so rapidly.

It hurts me, also, that I see no light at the end of the tunnel. The only light I see is for individuals. People in groups will not successfully govern themselves for long. The country as an entity may be doomed to failure at this point, but there is still hope for its people in the person of Jesus Christ. He demands that we seek him out, firstly and most importantly. He demands personal responsibility and our service to others. He demands obedience. But these demands are light, especially when compared to the fact that we are privileged to be in the service of something and someone greater than ourselves. The results are eternal and incorruptible.

My true loyalty has shifted from my country, The United States of America, to the Kingdom of my God. I believe that those loyalties can coexist—I’ve been loyal to my God for over 18 years now—but I’m seeing less and less in my country to which I can be loyal. About my national loyalties, I’m very willing to have my mind changed if there’s any evidence that the slide can be reversed.

I hope it’s too early to give up, but I see no reason to believe otherwise.

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