A Chinese Creation Story

In the beginning, says a Chinese creation story, the world had no heaven or earth. The universe was a black egg, in which Pan Ku slept. After 18,000 years in the egg, Pan Ku awoke and the egg broke in two. The top part, which was light and clear, became heaven, and the bottom, which was dense and dark, the earth.

“While this may not be your  favorite Easter egg story, isn’t it amazing that even in ancient China, creation began with the separation of light and dark, heaven and earth?

“Where will you be this Easter? Many people in China will stand in line to get into a church. God is at work in this most populous country in the world.  But for a Chinese to move from secular thinking that totally rejects the existence of God to faith in the risen Son of God is a long process.”

Click the link for the whole story.

A Chinese Creation Story

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