Citizenship by Debi Martin

My country, what is it? Where do I belong?
I was born in Bangladesh and raised by my
American parents. Then I lived in
America, “my” country by ancestry.
Kenya was my next home. So, where,
Oh, where, do I belong?

My heart is worried, I feel lost and confused.
Am I an American or a Bengali? Or,
Still, am I a Kenyan? What am I?
Then I know. Peace comes. I am not
A Bengali, though I was born there.
And yet, I am not a Kenyan, though
I lived there.

So you say, I am an American. But wait!
I am not that either. So where do I
Belong? I am not a citizen of any
Country on earth. I am a citizen of
Heaven. I have found my home.
I belong.


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