The Great Coffee-out Continues

Well, it’s day #3 and today is much better than yesterday.

Yesterday, I had one ongoing, day-long headache that was a real drag.  I also had an unexpected symptom; I had dry mouth and a general feeling of dehydration, even though I was drinking water like crazy.  And it didn’t help any that our power went out last night and DTE isn’t expecting it to be back up until late tonight.  Lack of sleep added to the discomfort.

Today, I’m feeling fatigued, but I can attribute that to a lack of sleep.  The headache is almost non-existent and I don’t feel as dehydrated.  I’m hoping this means the end of the worst of it rather than just a brief cessation of withdrawal.  I still feel the need for coffee, but it’s not kicking my rear end like it was yesterday.  How great would it be if the addiction gets broken this quickly?!

If anyone is also doing this, or is thinking about starting, let me know.  From what I hear and read, people who have kicked the coffee habit have not regretted it.


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