Kicking a Habit

Well, the time has come, I think, to stop talking about it and start doing it.  It’s time for me to stop drinking coffee.

I have been addicted to coffee for a long time.  I keep reading these articles and posts about how after a while, the lift you get from the caffeine decreases until it finally gets to a point where you can’t drink enough coffee to give you the lift that your body is supposed to give without help.  When it gets to that point, it’s time to quit.

I quit my pack-a-day smoking habit back in ‘92 and that was rough going for a couple of weeks.  The addiction is broken for the most part, but even now, almost 18 years later, there are rare occasions when I feel the need for a cigarette.  I’ll never touch one again, of course, but the addiction is still there.

When I quit smoking, I did it cold turkey.  It was really the only way that I could have done it.  I guess I should quit drinking coffee the same way.  I say coffee and not caffeine because I’m not really quitting caffeine altogether.  I am not, however, just substituting one caffeine source for another.  My goal is to cut out coffee without increasing my caffeine intake in other ways.  I have a can of Diet Dr. Pepper with my lunch on most days.  I like drinking a glass of iced tea about once per week when Debi and I go out for a meal after church on Sundays.  Other than that, I don’t know of any caffeine sources that I ingest.

Who knows, maybe as time goes on, I’ll try to go completely caffeine-free, but for now I need to get past this present hurdle of quitting coffee.  It’s day #2 now and withdrawal symptoms are starting to make themselves known.


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